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The Best Place to Run Outdoors

In seventh grade I ran track. I was the 3rd leg in the 4×400 (400×4?) and I hate to brag but I loved to run. Fast forward to 2016 – I am a medical school student with little time but I know I need to exercise. For me, one of the best places is the local public running track. Many people do not have access to a track but try searching here before you lose faith: http://run.isport.com/ or here: http://www.fitlink.com . Why do I love jogging on a track? Well for these three important reasons:

1. Safety
Think of where you live. There are cars, people, and other barriers everywhere. I am not knocking sidewalk runners but rather highlighting the benefits of running at your local track. There is usually a gate, it is a public place, and there are even bright lights for those who (gasps) run at night. Consider a local community track one of the best places for your next cardio sweat session.

2. Visual Appeal
What do you think about when you run? I often hear (from movies, media, and my fit friends) that they do not even think when running – it is the only time they “feel free”. I envy them because for me running can be quite boring. Instead of miles on the treadmill, I like the outdoor scenery of running outdoors. I see cars past by, families wave, airplanes even pass sometimes – it is nice and for the medical school student – even social!

3. Fast, Faster, Fastest
Overall, I just want to improve my running times and running on the treadmill can actually produce slower times than running outdoors on a track. Don’t believe me? Then believe the scientist in this study titled “Unmatched Perception of Speed When Running Overground and on a Treadmill.” They know what they are talking about.

Even though I do not have to say it because many of you are pre-med, medical school students, and physicians – exercise! Try and raise your heart rate for at least 150 minutes this week whether you are aiming to lose weight or just “be healthy”. What do you like to do at the track? Comment below:

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