The Most Influential People in Medicine.

When it comes to medical care, we take a lot for granted. In fact, up until the early 20th century, millions of people were still dying as a result of influenza and smallpox. Thanks to advancements in medicine, illnesses that used to be fatal are now relatively mild and hundreds of diseases have been eradicated. For hundreds of years scientists, scholars and doctors have sought to elevate our knowledge in the fields of science and medicine – few of us would be alive today if it were not for their discoveries and innovations. Many of these medical breakthroughs have gone on to change the lives of individuals forever. For example, Edward Jenner is considered to have saved more lives than any other person in history. Study Medicine Europe has created this infographic in honor of all of the talented individuals who have improved the knowledge and practice of medicine!


Who are some of the most influential people in medicine you can think of?

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