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Everyday Activities that BURN CALORIES!

There are many everyday activities that burn more calories than you think. Here are five ways to get more calories today:

1) Intimacy
Experts say married couples who have sex are happier & healthier. You can burn about 200 calories in an average session! So get into the bedroom and have a safe, active sex life.

2) Bowling
It is not only a nice, cheap date night idea but a great way to get active. You can burn 200+ calories in an hour of bowling. Make it two hours and you have burned off lunch!

3) Shopping
whether it is grocery shopping or hanging with friends at the mall you can burn 150 calories in an hour! 300 calories (equal to an egg mc muffin) could not be easier to burn.

4) Beach/Pool
When you are at the pool or beach this summer be sure to walk the board walk and get in the water and swim. A combination of beach bumming for two hours can equal 800 burned calories. That is more than a Big Mac w/ cheese!

5) Cleaning
Are you cleaning in preparation for guest this weekend. Well you should thank them for the 250 calories you can burn. Make sure you make an effort to scrub, push, and get up the stairs – the more effort the more calories gone.

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